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Bajo SX SJB-62 3/4 Vintage JAZZY Short Scale Bass OLYMPIC WHITE

Esta semana nos ha entrado esta belleza  ideal para el bajista que precisa un bajo más reducido.  para viajar, para que lo metas en el maletero del coche o en el avión.    ideal también para » el peque  » o para «las bajistas».   Todo el sonido en un bajo más reducido:  SX SJB-62 3/4 OWH VINTAGE JAZZY Short Scale Bass OLYMPIC WHITE

We tested this bass SX shortscale bass strung with piccolo strings (+ 1 octave).
Great for the player that requires a smaller, more comfortable bass for the travellin musician. Also for your kid or females players,…
Color is «Olympic White» an off white with a bit of blue in it
This bass has a 30″ scale length; that’s 4 inches shorter than a normal size bass, making it an excellent starter bass for a young beginner
It also makes a perfect low cost travel bass
This bass guitar features a solid alder body (not plywood) and a beautiful maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and 20 frets which helps deliver excellent tone and sustain
The design of the neck and adjustable bridge provide excellent action, making the bass very easy to play
Other features include trus-rod adjustable neck, J-bass type passive pickups, fully adjustable bridge and non-locking tuners
The bass has a single ply white pick-guard and D’addario strings are installed at the factory.
The dimensions of the bass are: length – 42″ (with the strap button), width (at its widest point) – 12″, and width of the neck (at the nut) – 1 and 1/2″ at the 21st fret 2 and 1/8″. Scale length is 30 1/2″.

Scale length is 30 1/2″.
String spacing at the bridge is 2 3/8″.
Pickup dimensions are 3 5/8″ x 3/4″