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Premier Guitar ofrece un premio al pedal Mooer LoFi

La revista guitarrista Premier guitar ofrece un premio premier al pedal Mooer  LoFi


Do not miss the award winning Mooer LoFi review in Premier Guitar Magazine.


Demo Mooer pedals by Jose de Castro

Así sonaba Jopi con sus pedales Mooer en la Feria Internacional Music China de ester año.     escucha el flex boost, green mile overdrive, el ana  echo , el lofi   y el repeater

2013 ChinaMusic Jose de Castro in Mooer



Johnny Mantra con pedales Mooer

Más y más guitarristas se enganchan a los pedales Mooer.  Hoy tenemos a Johnny Mantra con pedales Mooer.

What attracted you to Mooer pedals?
I love Mooer because the pedals are super small in size, quirky, and they sound amazing, but best of all they sound unique! They have really cool names too. I’ve been traveling all over the world and it’s been so great to see these popping up in guitar stores on the most random places and islands in the middle of nowhere! I’ve been especially loving the sounds of the Lo Fi Audio Machine and the Bass Sweeper. I play a lot of spacey and funky music and it’s really been enhancing my live performances. I’m really excited to do some recordings with them too. It’s nice to see somebody doing something so different for such a great price, creative high quality, while conserving pedalboard space as an added bonus. You guys rock, your pedals turn heads and your videos are awesome and the people that you have demoing your pedals are brilliant artists! Thanks again for introducing these amazing new sonic bliss machines into the world. P.S. Pickboy pics are the s#!t!

No te pierdas el nuevo slide que promociona Johnny.  El  Java Slide – The Evolution of the Guitar Slide
The hottest new guitar slide has just arrived on planet Earth


Testin MOOER Micro Pedals: Funky Monkey Auto Wah Pedal, Rage Machine Metal Distortion Pedal, Repeater Digital Delay pedal, Acoustikar acoustic guitar simulator, LoFi Machine Sample Reducing Pedal

Testin MOOER Micro Pedals!

  • Funky Monkey Auto Wah Pedal
  • Rage Machine Metal Distortion Pedal
  •  Repeater Digital Delay pedal
  •  Acoustikar acoustic guitar simulator
  •  LoFi Machine Sample Reducing Pedal
  •  Complete Line-Up of MOOER Micro Pedals



Nuevos pedales Mooer para el 2013.

Nuevos pedales mooer para el 2013. Los chicos de Musicoffcommunity nos enseñan la alineación de producto de  mooer para este 2013.  La marca está subiendo como un cohete y en breve nos sorprenderá con más bombones.  Tambien parten la pana la pareja de cabezalitos Mooer Little Monster  para mover una caja acústica.  los tenemos en tienda en constante demo con una Palmer de un  altavoz de 12 pulgadas Celestion.


Nuevo Mooer Lofi Machine micro compact pedal

Nuevo pedal de Moooer para  partir la pana

Amlio rango de sampleo ratio y profundidad
3 modos de uso:  guitar, bass, synth o sound player
Construcción robusta en metal ya testada y retestada en los pedales Mooer.
Tamaño compacto y diseño minimal
Tecnología True bypass
Alimentación con fuente externa DC 9V Adapter power supply

New pedal to kick some serious *ss!!!

Wide range sampling rate/depth reducing effects
3 modes for using guitar, bass, synth or sound player
Full metal shell
Very small and exquisite
True bypass
DC 9V Adapter power supply