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Joyo pedal case- Las cajas para pedales de Joyo

Las cajas para pedales de Joyo son grandes en todos los sentidos.  este loco atornilla 4 pedaleras   RD-B   para obtener una enormeee



4 units of RD-B screwed  together.  Result a huge pedal board-  Dude is nuts


Caja de transporte para pedales JOYO ROCKDRIVER RD-3 Coupe driver

Caja de transporte para pedales JOYO ROCKDRIVER RD-3 Coupe driver

Superando los modelos anteriores presentamos la nueva Caja de transporte para pedales JOYO RD-3 Coupe driver
RD-3 cjsyt yw

Improving on the previous RD-1 and RD-2 versions, the Joyo Rockdriver series presents the
improved RD-3 Coupe Driver! Building on first and second generation concepts, the RD3 is a
Pedal Board portable effect case that you can roll around with the extendable pull bar handle  and
smooth wheels. Easily separate the top and bottom cases to reveal a conveniently angled
pedal board! Portable and affordably priced, RockDriver allows you to take your gear truly
anywhere!A Truly Portable Pedal Case on Wheels

W X D X H:600X360X120MM
Weight  peso aprox.  4.36KG
Internal dimensions   580X340X60-90MM