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EX DSO-2 OCD Distortion Overdrive micro pedal

EX DSO-2 Distortion OverdriveEX DSO-2  OCD    Distortion Overdrive
New with retail color box, 100% tested
Full metal shell, Very small and exquisite
Work with DC 9V Adapter power supply, not included

EX DSO-2  OCD  Distortion Overdrive
– Muy compacto increible diseño
– Cubierta Metalica
– True Bypass
Steffen Brix testing these great compact pedals


EX micro pedals DSO-2

EX DSO-2 Distortion Overdrive (Cloning Fulltone OCD) Guitar Effect Pedal: white

Perfecto clon del fulltone OCD ocupando tres cuartos de su tamaño.  Pesando menos de la mitad  y obteniendo todo su sonido.