Guitarra acustica SX DG-50-CE rocking the free world


Prueba esta acústica  antes de comprar nada.   SX DG50-CE Guitarra electro  Acústica de nivel a precio reducido.  Todo lo mejor de lo mejor.   Una preciosa tapa Solida  de picea    (Spruce solid top)    gran sonoridad y proyección desenchufada  –  Y  enchufada impresionante gracias  a ese previo B-BAND

Specs: It has natural solid spruce top with a hiend preamp.   German Shadow P7 pickup or BBand pick  with EQ and active (9v) preamp.

The back and sides are made out of beautiful Rosewood. Very impressive. The neck is Mahogany with a Rosewood fingerboard. It has a rosewood push-pin style bridge with Graphtech saddle (made in Canada).

It comes with D’addario EXP16 made in USA strings installed at factory.

It also has a wood inlayed sound hole binding, and the tuners are diecast gold tuners with ellipse pearlized buttons.

Summary    overall * * * * The guitar sounds really good for a guitar at this price point. It is very easy to play and the neck is gorgeous. It feels like a real quality guitar. In short, I am very impressed!


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