Repuestos para guitarra Wilkinson Clavijeros, puentes,…

Repuestos para guitarra Wilkinson Clavijeros, puentes,…

Wilkinson guitar parts.  Utilizando el sentido común en el diseño conseguimos los accesorios para guitarra más funcionales de mundo, posiblemente.
Trev Wilkinson Design Associates es un fabricante de repuestos más renombrado del mundo
gracias al trabajo durante años con los mejores luthiers y guitarristas ,  Peter Green, Jeff Beck y, por supuesto, Eric Clapton, …Wilkinson ofrece puentes de guitarra, clavijeros, cejelas  y repuestos de máxima calidad

Trev Wilkinson ama el mundo de la guitarra y todo lo que va con ello.
Productos estandarte de Wilkinson: puentes para guitarra,    clavijero Wilkinson E-Z-LOK™ tuning,   Wilkinson Roller Nut


Thank goodness for common sense.

Alongside our design approach, we use
a lot of common sense as well…’

Though TWDA (Trev Wilkinson Design Associates) is world-renowned for top specification, high quality guitar hardware, the Wilkinson concern has definitely got its feet firmly on the ground as regards its approach to component development and manufacture. That’s good news, because the all-important ‘common sense’ factor so often gets swept aside in the continuing search for improvement.

Trev Wilkinson loves guitars and everything that goes with them. His enthusiasm for guitars is infectious. His knowledge of the guitar genre is boundless. Plus he maintains a constant interest in why the best guitars are how they are, what works and what doesn’t, and what can be done about it.

He’ll ask direct and forthright questions of the people who matter, people responsible for the best guitars ever made, and people who’ve played the best guitars ever made, and he’ll get straight answers.

Best of all, Trev’s been around guitars just a little too long to be swayed by unfounded ‘opinion’. He knows that that’s the path to nowhere.‘ What we’ve tried to do is eliminate many of the manufacturing discrepancies involved in making guitars,” comments Trev. “That way, we can ensure that we’re making a superior, consistent range of top level guitars.”

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