Entrevista con Johnny Reno Prentice usuario de Mooer pedals

Entrevista con Johnny Reno Prentice usuario de Mooer pedals

Raíces Musicales   mi familia entera eran músicos profesionales  entonces crecí rodeado de músicos.  realmente no empecé hasta los 12 años. Quería una guitarra d everdd porque con el guitarhero era muy malo…  Empecé a ir a muchas grabaciones con mi padre y viendo músicos de alto nivel mejoré mucho.

Trabajos actualmente Mi principal proyecto es mi banda BOY WONDER BAND, (www.boywonderband.com)  donde tocan músicos profesionales  que son como mi familia.  Estamos tocando regularmente en Nashville en el BB Kings.  Tambien  nos gustan otros géneros musicales como el jazz, fusion, country, funk, R&B y soul.

¿Por qué utilizas los pedales Mooer ?
1)  son increibles
2)  son ligeros y pequeños, ideal para ir al bolo
3)  son TRUE BYPASS!  no tienes pérdida d eseñal al utilizarlos en off

Johnny and Boy Wonder Band visita : http://www.boywonderbluesband.com

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Tell us about your musical background
My whole family are professional musicians, so I grew up surrounded by music and musicians. I didn’t get interested until I was 12, and I wanted to play the real guitar because I sucked at Guitar Hero. Once I started being able to play just a little, it became all I wanted to do, and I played all the time, even gave my PS2 away so I’d spend more time on the guitar! I started going to a lot of recording sessions with my Dad and all these amazing, world class guitar players were really cool to me and very supportive. I still learn a lot from them.

What are you working on now?
My main project is my own band, the BOY WONDER BAND, (www.boywonderband.com) where I get to play with a total badass band of seasoned pros, who are all like family, except for my brother, who IS my family. We play regularly at BB King’s in Nashville and it’s made me have to learn how to think on my feet and manage my energy for a four hour gig. I’m also trying to get comfortable with all the genres of music like jazz, fusion, country, funk, R&B and soul music.

What is the role of education in music?
I always hated school, but I like learning… well, guitar at least. I’m home schooled and so I’m kinda in music school all the time, minus the girls, for now. For real, I spend at least five hours a day playing. Unlike regular school, I also get to study with really great musicians and music is what I want to do for a living anyway. Other than playing the guitar, I’m kinda useless, so it’s a good thing I have a regular gig!

How do you feel about the current ‘state of the music industry’?
That doesn’t really concern me yet and my total focus is on being the best player I can possibly be. All my mentors tell me that’s the only important thing at this point.

Why do use Mooer pedals?
1) they sound awesome,
2) they are tiny,
3) they’re TRUE BYPASS!!!!! and
4) Rawn is easily one of the the coolest guys out there!

For more information about Johnny and Boy Wonder Band visit : http://www.boywonderbluesband.com


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