Test pack guitarra SX con ampli SX EG-4K

Test pack guitarra SX «superstrat»   con ampli .   SX EG-4K

Todos los test que se han llevado a cabo los pasados meses por revistas especializadas.   Le otorgan una nota muy alta.
Si buscas una guitarra con una pegada especial para rock más duro  y sonidos versátiles. Este pack de guitarra más ampli es una opción excelente. Guitarra construida en maderas sólidas de aliso . Mástil de arce muy refinado para tener rapidez. Diapasón de palorosa. 24 trastes Jumbo. Dos pastillas dobles humbucker con una caña increible y una pastilla simple. Con este arsenal de pastillas Puedes conseguir cualquier sonido que te propongas. Puente y clavijero cromado estilo vintage con una estabilidad de afinación excelente.
Esta es económica, te viene con todos los accesorios. Y funciona de miedo. Pastillas dobles de el puente y el mástil para golpear más duro. 4 colores disponibles: rojo , azul, plata o negro

Reviews on april 04, 2011
1 of 4 people found this review helpful
Price paid: $ 248

Purchased from: Local Guitar Shop

Features: This guitar has 24 frets and the fretboard is made of rosewood, Thin neck and jumbo frets, It is a solid top body. Body is made of Alder, Maple neck, Rosewood fretboard. It has a double cutaway style body. It has a Vintage Bridge with trem. It has passive electronics, 5 way switch, 1 tone, 1 volume knobs. Pickup configuration is H-S-H, stock pickup used. Tuners are non locking, SX brand tuners.

It comes with a 10 watt practice amp, a strap, 6 picks, 10″ cable, Belcat tuner, for the price I paid, its pretty decent actually. // 9

Sound: It suits my music style perfectly, I play mainly metal, rock, and a bit of jazz. I plugged it in a Line-6 Spyder 3 amp, with the metal settings on, and this guitar blowed my mind away. It is silent even on high gain settings, pretty good for the price! It can take up harmonics pretty well, and theres a lot of variety. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was setup well at the factory, The actions are great, (suits my liking of low action), the intonation is dead on! The pickups are abit screwed inside, so I heighten for it to give more response. The top was properly bookmatched and good routed bridge! The tuners  are just ok.   // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will definitely withstand live playing. I uised this guitar at all my gigs, and there is this oine gig where I dropped it to the ground, it still works with no damage! The hardware (except the tuners) will last, but my pickups and the screws around them are rusty, if you have any suggestions on how to remove and prevent it from rusting, do comment. Strap buttons are solid. Trust me, they are. I would us ethis guitar without a backup, (unlees I have to switch between tuning) The finish will definitely last, I dropped in on the floor and he finish didn’t come off. // 10

Impression: I play mostly metal, and this guitar is the right guitar for me, I have a SX EG4k(this Guitar) , SX 10 watt practice amp, and a Line 6 Spyder III amp.

If it was stolen or lost, I will definitely buy it again! So cheap yet so perfect! I love everything in this guitar! It just met my expectations I wish it had a Floyd Rose brige though… All in all, this is an awesome guitar for metal! I’m thinking of changing the pickups to a Seymour Duncan JBS pickup though. Great and awesome guitar! // 9

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